Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Run Ios Poster!

Run - The new game we're all excited about

We are now working on another game to replace the development time of Goo Bounce Mobile with Run. In run you play as a small red character in a world of peace, all his friends are blue and many people bully the character for being red. Then one day demons rise up from the earth and everyone goes into hiding except him, he must make his way to the hideout before everyone dies...

Below is a old concept wallpaper however the character looks much different as there is much more shading and detail added, the old character was 12 pixels high however the new one is 16x16 and therefore much better looking. 
Progress so far:
-Physics all in place (using Newtons law of FG = G(M1XM2)(D^2))
-Character created with basic walking animation.
-Android and Ios Lockscreen wallpapers are half finished.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Goo Bounce Mobile (prototype)

Here is a prototype of Goo Bounce Mobile:
This footage is a bit outdated and was from the 1.2 release of the title, we have now reached the 0.8 release however unfortunately have had to stop working on the title and we are now unable to add core features to  problems with artists not understanding how they need to texture the game. All the textures were created by me (Matt Loveday- Head Developer) and the artist was going to create better sprite images however didn't understand why Html couldn't process the image. We are sad to see this project die however we are all excited to move on to creating bigger and better things. Here is the apk for the latest release 0.8 stable:

mobile development

Html 5 is a powerful programming language which we at spectro games are learning in order to create mobile releases, we'll keep you updated on what is happening in our mobile department. Also we are looking for some ideas that you may like to be put into games! post ideas in the comments and we will be in touch.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Game Development Videos

We will soon be creating a YouTube series documenting the programs we use to create games It will be professionally edited and each episode will last 30 minutes on average. See ya!

New Recruits

We are happy to welcome Ashley Loveday as a Public Relations worker, we hope he will have a good time at Spectro Games.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Java is a gateway...

We will probably not be developing our games in Java, so why are we learning it?
We are learning Java to increase our knowledge of programming languages and using it as a gateway to C++ and lua where we can really create good games. Learning Java will be a useful experience and hopefully should improve the quality of our future games. The Darkness development is temporarily on hold while the developers get to grips with learning Java however we are so close to releasing the demo so don't worry it will come out soon!

Matthew Loveday (Head programmer at Spectro Games)

PS: Java code is messy:

Thursday, 31 July 2014

High Level Programming Languages

Currently we are learning more into higher level programming languages such as Java and C. Just a small update telling everyone what we are doing.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


There are a few things that we should explain

1.RPG maker engine-
We are going to continue to make 2D RPG games using the RPG maker engine, this is because it is easy to use and I can help people learn this very quickly, does this mean that our games will be just the same old game again and again just re-textured. No our games will feature original features every time, RPG maker allows you to write scripts in Ruby to add special features which are not already within RPG maker.

2.Why is The Darkness becoming Free? Does this mean that it will be of a lower quality?

The darkness is going free to play for multiple reasons, the primary one is that we are having issues by only using our assets so by releasing it for free we won't run into legal issues. The second reason is that we have run into multiple issues and the development of this title has improved our knowledge of Ruby so we fell that it will not be representable of our abilities and therefore do not want to sell it and people feel that it is not worth their money.

What have we been doing?

Recently we have been very engrossed in working on our free title 'The Darkness', we want to get a demo of the game as quick as possible however we need to flush it out and only having one main developer makes this process very long and having to reconstruct the game to avoid problems which only cause more problems. Luckily we are nearing the end of the demo section, the first demo will only have a small amount of content but will showcase the games main features.

Thanks for your patience,
Matthew Loveday (Head Developer at Spectro games)

The Darkness Update 30/07/14

-Added maps:
-Added short introduction including name changing functionality
-Added multiple shops
-Custom items added

Sunday, 27 July 2014


We are very excited to launch our new blog, games will be located on  a store page when they are released, we are working in the programming stage of a rpg. Visit here regularly for updates,